Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cue - pull rug from under Jill

I just got back from a weekend in Eastern Washington and I am so pissed! I literally just arrived home moments ago and was so happy to be back in temperatures under 95 degrees and the added bonus to my return home? My book from arrived while I was away! I tore into the package and there was my new book, Midnight in Manhattan AND it had the cool version of the cover. I flipped it over to read the back only to discover that.... wait for it.... Midnight in Manhattan IS THE SAME BOOK AS Ask Me Anything!!!!

I'd like to ask a question Francesca Delbanco. Why did you write one book and title it two different things? And as long as you're comfortable with me asking you anything, I'd also like to ask why you ruined my life?!

Alright, that may have taken it a bit far, but seriously. I'm so disappointed. All this build up and it was the same book as the one I already read last year? So, so lame.

In my defense, I don't think the description for Midnight in Manhattan was on or I would have noticed this before actually ordering the book. And even if the description *was* available, why would I think to check if it was the same book? It has a different title, a different year in which it was published, it's listed on the website as a different book, it has a different cover... need I go on? I loved Ask me Anything, so I just assumed I would love her other book too, I didn't need to read the cover. The moral of this story is - read book descriptions before buying the book.
And don't trust Francesca Delbanco.


tib said...

I'll beat 'er up for you, I am that kind of person you know.

technicolourgirl said...

I have just made the same mistake.
I read the back of the book while I was deciding what to delve into (thinking Ask Me Anything was the sequel to Midnight in Manhattan) and thought, hang on, I already know all this.
What a waste of bloody money.