Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can't even remember

I've read so many books since last posting that I can't even remember them. Or maybe it's because so many of them were Terrible that I don't remember them? Regardless, I'm going to stop apologizing for the infrequent posts of late because, well, I'm not actually sorry.

I will now present to you the blog post equivalent of a mash-up wherein I tell you what I've read (and can remember) in the last month or so.

A Reliable Wife
Meh. Saucy but in a creepy, bummed-me-out kind of way.

All that Matters
Ha! Turns out the free section of the library where you don't have to check the books out (you can literally just take them and return them on the honor system) is free FOR A REASON. Why I finished this book I'm not sure. Maybe because I was expecting some steamy lovin' at the end? Expectations not met. Leading me to:

The Accidental Wedding
Good Saucy. I mean, it's bad of course. But good.

To Catch a Bride
Bad Saucy.

The Kid
Funny and smart. Inappropriate but in the best of ways. Classic Dan Savage and in novel form!

The Human Stain
My first Phillip Roth experience. The title grosses me out still, but I was very impressed with the prose. It was a thinking book. I mean, not as complex as "The Accidental Wedding" but still... That said, I had to stop in the middle (something I hate doing) because I realized our next book club was meeting soon and I hadn't started our next read! So I've now moved onto:

Parrot and Olivier in America
and hope that by the time I finish it, I will still feel some motivation to return to The Human Stain.