Thursday, April 16, 2009

Water for Elephants

My friend Maggie trashed this book to me once so I put off reading it. But then I found it a few weeks ago in my box of books given to me by my sister in law at Christmas. And burn on you Maggie because I'm totally jumping aboard the I-Love-Water-For-Elephants-Train. This book was good. I’m not saying it was Shakespeare, but the woman tells a good story. About elephants! And monkeys! And there are circus freaks, and romance and well, I fell for it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before I Wake

I finished Before I Wake a few weeks ago, so I don’t remember any of the clever things I was going to say about it. Basically I liked this book, but I don’t really know why. It was weird. Here are some random facts about this book:

1. It takes place in Victoria, BC, which is close to where I live, so I liked that.

2. I almost put it down at the beginning because it’s all about a 3 year old girl getting hit by a truck and being put into a coma. Being pregnant, I seem to be more susceptible than usual to the sadness of such story lines. Particularly because I’m a total fatalist and feel that by reading about it, it makes it more likely to happen to me.

3. I almost put it down later because it took this weird turn from sad story about child getting hit by a car and her parents dealing with the tragedy to all of a sudden being about miracles and the Catholic church and ghosts. Then I kind of got into it, but not in a way that I was proud of. It had sort of a normal-book-meets-that-weird-movie-starring-Nicholas Cage-and-Meg Ryan-where-he’s-a-ghost-that-roams-the-library type of thing.

This is not a helpful review and for this I am sorry.