Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying something new

I started The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway this weekend. Basically I ran out of reading material and foraged Jeff's book shelves. All his books either have titles like Smart Couple's Finish Rich, How to Build a Better Brand or Helvitica is My Favorite Font. Basically his book shelves are a major snooze alert. So when I found one tiny section of a bookshelf devoted to fiction, I was excited. Then I was disappointed because they were all snooty books. I remembered that Jeff once decided to read all the books off the "Top 100 Novels in History" list. I think he read like 5 of them and then quickly returned to his world of non-fiction and his trusty highlighter.

So I decided that maybe his snooty book collection was a good thing and I snatched The Sun Also Rises off the shelf. I just said I was bored with stupid main characters, so why not try something a little heavier? Plus, the book is like 1/4 inch thick, so how long can it take?

PS: I mentioned to Jeff that maybe *I* would read all the books off the Top 100 list and he scoffed! Like I wasn't capable! So rude. Just because sometimes I read books that come from the "teen reading section" at B&N doesn't mean I'm not CAPABLE of reading better books! Now I feel like I need to prove him wrong. I haven't told him of this urge yet, I want to see if I'm still up for the challenge after I finish The Sun Also Rises. No need to alert the presses if I'm just going to quit after one book.

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