Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fly me to the Moon

Just finished Fly me to the Moon by Alyson Noel this morning. While entertaining, it does not warrant in depth analysis.

1. Book veers slightly from the standard chick lit story line by throwing in visits to Greece, Paris and Puerto Rico. This makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I'm basically reading garbage because somehow "travel" is involved and therefore makes the book (and me by association) more "cultured". Not really true, but still.
2. Main character has gay best friend and book contains just the right number of fag hag jokes. I am a sucker for this every time. Particularly if the gay friend is funny in a bitchy way. This one was.
3. It was entertaining, sometimes legitimately funny.
4. Hmmmm... that might be it.

1. I don't like the way the author spells her name. Alyson with a Y? Noel with an umlaut? Annoying.
2. Rants about the hard life of a flight attendant were a little too angry, it became apparent Alyson was a former flight attendant with steam to blow off. (this was confirmed by reading her bio on the back jacket)
3. Said rants made me feel like an asshole for always leaving my garbage in the seat after flying.
4. I think I might finally be bored with main characters who make stupid decisions and how you can tell within like one chapter who she's going to end up falling in love with, and then you have to read like 200 pages waiting for HER to figure it out. It's hard to like the main character when she's stupid.

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