Thursday, August 28, 2008


SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. How can something so wrong feel so right? I read this book in 2 days, and I'm ashamed to say I think I might not be able to wait until tomorrow to start the next one (and it's after 11pm already as I write this). Which makes me annoyed, because it is now obvious that I'm going to have to cough up the exorbitant cost of the third and fourth books in hard back, as B&N doesn't carry them in the more affordable paper back yet.

I'm not even going to critique this book like I normally would. Why bother? This book is horrible on many levels, but WHO CARES because I loved it anyways. Never before has the term guilty pleasure been so accurately illustrated as in this book. It's basically vampire chick lit. Granted the characters are a little younger than your average chick lit book, but not really, because Edward is actually like 300 years old. Which maybe makes it a little less shameful that I have a mini crush on him? Maybe? Probably not. Sigh.

I’m so embarrassed by my love for this book. I think it maybe all boils down to the romance factor? It’s so ridiculously romantic and I am a total sucker for romance. There’s a lot of moody staring at each other and the sexual tension is thicker than the fog in Forks with him all, “I love you so much but I’m a vampire and can’t get too close for fear that I’ll suck your blood!” And maybe most importantly, he carries her like a princess on more than one occasion. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a huge crush on the idea of a guy carrying me “like a princess”. Photo illustration of said technique:

I ask Jeff to do it all the time and he relents maybe once a year but then totally wrecks it by moaning and groaning about how I’m breaking his back. Oh Real Life, how I hate thee.


raych said...

I know, hey? SO embarassing! And even though I'm all, There's no way I'd rush out to read the next ones but if they fall into my lap I wont say no, I DEFinitely put my name on the queue for 'New Moon' (or whatever the next one is, says my studious nonchalance).

Moody staring at each other indeed.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I completely agree with you- total guilty pleasure reading. I read the series in under a week. It may be a record since I have a 20 month old at home. Want me to send you the other ones :)

Amanda said...

Hahahaha...I totally agree with you and LOVE your review. It's sooo completely bad and awful it's so good. And I understand that carrying like a princess...I've always wanted that too. Which is probably one of the reasons why I married my husband...he's a good half a foot taller than me and can do it (he complains too).

Lindsey said...

I have such a crush on Edward! And sexual tension between the mortal and the immortal is so intense. Love it! Twilight may have been my favorite book in the series, with Breaking Dawn a close second. I love the whole mystery surrounding Edward and how much of a hero he is to her. There is an actor that I always envision when I think of Edward. His name is John Paul LaVoisier. Totally what I envision Edward to look like. Happy reading!

Alicia said...

I loved this series of books too - I read them so fast, and have a mega crush on Edward (is that weird!?)

You should read Stephenie Meyers' book called The Host. It is a little weird at first, but after about 100 pages I was obsessively reading the book!