Monday, August 11, 2008

Girl with a Pearl Earring

I finished Girl With A Pearl Earring last night and I will sum up all my thoughts on this book in one word. Yes, just one word:


If you want more words to round out the meh-ness of this book, let me know but I really don't think more needs to be said. Oh wait! I do have one specific complaint. Why did I think there would be all sorts of saucy romance between Griet the maid (aka Girl with the pearl earring) and the painter? Twas not so. Tres disapointment. She was all "I must grind the bone to make white paint for my master." and I was all, "Less bone grinding and more bone jumping!" If you get my drift. Which I'm pretty sure you do.

PS: I think you did the wrong dance to the rain gods last week. It was more than a wee bit damp at this last wedding. Next time I'll be more specific.


Karen said...

So sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I loved it when I read it a while ago and have enjoyed all of her novels except for the latest one - I wouldn't recommend it at all!

Michelle said...

I read this one ages ago and remember liking it, though I know quite a few people who just aren't Chevalier fans!