Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stuck in Downward Dog

This book turned out to be kind of lame. And I don't mean lame in the standard, chick-lit type of way either. The book was mostly about Mara (the main character) figuring out who she was. Her boyfriend dumps her in the first chapter and we never hear anything else about him really, she has a crappy job, a bitchy sister, and her friends suck - with the obvious exception of her one gay friend, which was really the only way I knew for sure that this WAS a chick-lit book. That and the embarrassing book cover. Because aside from the witty banter and gay best friend, this book lacked all the things I love about a guilty pleasure read. Like romance! She didn't go on a single date for the entire book. She didn't even have a crush on anyone. I could almost forgive the lack of romance for the really funny commentary on yoga, but not quite. In particular I did really enjoy her foray into hot yoga as it mirrored my own miserable experience the first (and only) time I went to Bikram Yoga and I loved it when she spent half the book justifying wearing yoga capris to dinner parties and work. Those funny moments aside though, this book was a disappointment. I know it should be cool that she found herself without needing a man, but I get enough of that in real life. In real life, I'm very independent and I have friends and acquaintances dealing with how to find themselves without needing a man, but I read trashy girl books to *escape* real life. I want to read about a girl who's been in love with her best friend for years and have it slowly revealed over the course of 150-180 pages that HE loves HER too. Maybe neither of them have been able to see it, but through a series of unrealistic events they figure it out. Then I want them to make out and live happily ever after. Or at least have it implied by page 250 where it's all wrapped up in a nice box with a pretty bow. How much money do I need to pay Marian Keyes to write another Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married?!

Anyways, I started Bookends by Jane Green last night and the words cheeky and bugger have already been used, so things are looking up. And I leave for sunny California tomorrow! Hopefully when I get back on Tuesday, I'll have finished Bookends by then. But I make no promises - I might be too busy hanging out with Lauren and Audrina from The Hills to get much reading in.

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