Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

Well, I decided to stop talking about it and just do it. I reread Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married. I found it on the free bookshelf at work and it seemed that fate was speaking to me. It was definitely enjoyable – why am I such a sucker for romantic endings where men profess their love in a way that real men never do? I don’t know. But I am. The rest of the book sucked a little more than I remembered, but I still enjoyed my reunion with Marian Keyes.

Last night I started Fall of Light by Niall Williams. So far it appears to be an Irish-Pillars-of-the-Earth-meets-Diana-Gabaldon type of book. In other words, historical fiction meets trashy mythical romance. Also known as my cup of tea right now.


TexasRed said...

I enjoyed Lucy Sullivan -- never got to see the end of the Brit miniseries based on it, though.

Fall of Light sounds really interesting. Please keep us posted!

Sarah said...

I not a huge chick-lit reader, but make an exception for Marian Keyes. Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married is my favourite of her books I've yet read.

Book Escape said...

Your description of your new book, historical fiction meets trashy mythical romance sounds like fun!