Friday, October 10, 2008

A Self Congratulatory Post

I've been knocked out this week with a cold, but am finally feeling better and wanted to extend a quick thank you to Maree at Just Add Books for giving me an I Heart your Blog award. A belated thanks also to Amanda at Life and Times of a "New" New Yorker for mentioning me here. I regularly visit both their sites and am glad that the feeling's mutual. I still consider myself new to the world of book blogging, so it's nice to know that someone other than my Mom is reading my posts. Actually, I'm not even sure my Mom reads my posts, but whatevs.

Anyways, the rules of the I Heart your Blog thingamajig say that I'm supposed to list 7 sites that I like reading and then post comments on each of their sites telling them. The problem with this is that I think all my favs have already received this honor. Another problem with this is that I am fundamentally lazy. So, apologies to everyone, but please know that I heart you all.

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