Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New York!

Totally unoriginal post title, but still, it gives you the general idea, right? I'm in New York! I'm a busy worker bee tonight and tomorrow, but after that, Jeff is supposed to join me for a quick frolic through the city this weekend. Any suggestions? Where should I book shop? Is there a cool bar I can go to tomorrow night to watch the debate?

PS: I cried like my Grandpa died on the plane today because I just started Eventide by Kent Haruf and hayzoose, it is sad!!


Heather J. said...

No tips of my own, but you MUST go check out this blog:

She LIVES in the city and is always posting about cool things to do. Plus I'm sure she'd be happy to give you suggestions!

Amanda said...

O yay! And today (Thursday) is such a beautiful day :)

What area are you staying?

Check out for some good happy hour locations. Just enter or drag bar to where you are. Or check out Time Out New York.

Book shops...check out The Strand, there's a couple cool locations around the city. I just found out about Housingworks Bookstore and Cafe that sells donated books and it all proceeds go to the homeless (in Soho). Or checkout this blog:

Or email me at nycbookgirl(at)gmail(dot)com for any questions or help :)

Ooo...going out for a drink or two and watching the debate sounds good. :)

Amanda said...

Actually, just read that Housingworks will be showing the debate at their place. Not really a bar but I did see they have wine and bottled beer. I'll keep you updated if I hear more :)