Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can I interject for just one moment?

To say how much I HATE BLOGGER? It's too bad I'm so supremely lazy that I will probably never do anything other than complain about it. Granted I'm not amazingly tech savvy, but isn't that the whole point? That even an idiot can have a blog? Then why can I only upload one photo at a time instead of just uploading a folder of 4 images? And why can I sometimes click on images within my post and resize them manually and other times have a completely different response (i.e. NONE) that requires me to edit it manually in html? And I don't need to ask why, because I know why editing html makes me want to slit my wrists - because it's ANNOYING. And tedious. And so unnecessary!

Anyways, I tried to add images of the book jackets to my post below but it looks like shite because I grew tired of fighting blogger and ... whatever. I'm wasting too much energy on this rant.



Susan said...

Hi Jill - Just discovered your other blog here! And I agree, Blogger is a pain. But, I do have one tip for uploading multiple photos at once: I use Picassa to organize my photos, and you can select multiple photos, then hit "Blog" and it uploads them all to one post for you. It's pretty slick. Now, off to find some good reads for the holiday break! (Thanks!)

Care said...

I first started blogging with Blogger and didn't last a week before switching to wordpress. Sorry, I don't have any better ideas for you. They say tumblr is wonderful for photo uploads.