Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow. Where to start? Should I tell you about the book club I joined? Or maybe I should actually try reviewing one of the bajillion books I've read since reviewing The Help. And by bajillion I mean 3. It's all relative, right? I mean, once you have a kid, reading *A* book is such a coup that reading 3 in one month is pretty much mind blowing. And we don't need to mention that one of them was *cough cough* munhhhhdredpgggs *cough*. What? Oh, you couldn't understand me just then? FINE! I said that one of the books was only one hundred pages! Alright? Feel better now that you've made me admit that? Well, if you think that's bad, wait til I tell you that one of the others was written by Jodi Piccoult. I know, right? No shame.

Okay, I'll get down to business and start reviewing.

Keeping Faith
Meh. I don't know. Jodi Piccoult tells a decent (if totally implausible) story. Faith is a regular 7 year-old who suddenly starts talking to God and suffering from stigmata. Her mother struggles to protect her from the mobs of "followers" she develops while she also recovers from the shock of walking in on her husband with another woman. Again. I got this book for free a while ago and it was a quick guilty pleasure read in a pinch.

Home Game

A birthday gift that was devoured in 24 hours, this book is about the joys (and not-joys) of fatherhood. In particular, the first few weeks of fatherhood. It's funny, smart and real. My only real complaint is that so often men write irreverent stories about fatherhood and play into the idea that men are incompetent in a funny sort of way but that women are heroes and innately in love with their kids even while they scream in their faces. Oh what am I saying? Women ARE heroes and men ARE bozos!

I also tried to read A Lesson Before Dying, but accidently left it at home when we took a trip to Orcas Island, so I bought another book on the island and consequently ditched ALBD. I might come back to it in time. But I need to read the book for my next book club meeting! Which is Little Bee. Have you heard of it? I think you probably have; it's only because I live in a hole called Stay At Home Mom Land that I haven't, right?

Oh! And also I read The End of the Alphabet.

Which is a sweet little book about a couple who decide to travel to a city for very letter in the alphabet (Amsterdam to Zambia) when they find that the husband only has 30 days to live. If you're someone who needs character development (as I do) to really enjoy a book, this one probably isn't for you, but it did have some redeeming qualities- thought provoking, well written, etc...

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