Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm officially the worst book blogger ever. I've read like 3 books since this one and never posted about ANY of them. Sorry guys.

Possession was loaned to me by Jeff's aunt and came highly recommended. It was one of the more sophisticated books I've read in some time and I will admit to the fact that I struggled now and again with the vocabulary used. It felt a bit like a book I would have been assigned to read in college. Words like beech-mast and quondam are used with abandon (and I found both of those words by just flipping open to a random page), along with references to people like Prospero and Feuebach and wow, apparently I am le stupid because I can't remember who any of these people anymore and I don't know what any of those words mean. But here's the thing - the language is truly beautiful, it's won the Booker prize, and the romance eventually does suck you in. At the end I was totally addicted.

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Care said...

I'm ashamed of myself for poking a bit of fun at someone who told me she was intimidated by Virginia Woolf - I 'get' her for some reason or maybe just don't care if stuff goes over my head in her books. BUT I am intimidated by Byatt's vocabulary and am hesitant to try this. but I really do want to.