Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sugar Queen

My brain is turning to mush like in those Hulu commercials because I read this book last week and totally forgot to post about it. To further confirm my brain-->mush theory, I actually remember very little about the book, despite having finished it only like 6 days ago.

Here’s what I can tell you –

The Sugar Queen is about Josie, who I think was in her twenties and lives in a small town and cares for her bitchy elderly mother. Then a crazy lady appears in her closet one day and it changes her life. Suddenly she’s not this lonely future-spinster, because the crazy closet lady has forced her to go out into the world and meet people and DO STUFF.

It’s mostly a sweet romance (with a touch of magic) and I rather enjoyed it for what it was. Perfect vacation or bathtub reading.


Care said...

Uh oh, brainmush is NOT good. I hope you will be OK soon. :)
I want to read this book, I do. a sweet bathtub read is a wonderful endorsement.

Laura said...

Jill~ Congrats on your new Edie Bee! She is absolutely precious. I can't wait until you start reviewing books like "Pat the Bunny" and "The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar". I'm excited to hear your take on these fine works of literature. Please rest and come in soon to show and tell.

Laura S.