Tuesday, December 16, 2008


In the last 3 days (since finishing Eat Pray Love) I've tried starting no less than 5 books.

Drowning Ruth – Seemed good but I put it down to try and focus on finishing The New Classics Challenge.

The Road – Tried in a fit of commitment to the NCC, but wasn't in the right mood.

Out Stealing Horses – Started it after forgetting Drowning Ruth at the office. Seems interesting, but not something I'll love so I put it down.

While I was Gone by Sue Miller – The back description makes me stressed out and the first 15 pages were a little so-so.

Some Jodi Piccoult book – I can't remember the name, but it's about an Amish woman who has a sister with Leukemia and lives next door to an Indian burial ground where a murder is committed by a ghost with stigmata. Kidding! But I think I just successfully combined the plots of like 5 other Jodi Piccoult books in that description.

Finally, a coworker loaned me Gilead today and I'm thinking this book might save me from me reading-ADD.


Amanda said...

LOL! I get reading ADD all the time! I've found that I have to put down a book and read it later if it's not gripping me because reading a book at the wrong time can ruin if for me. Good luck!.

Maree said...

At times like that I turn to Agatha Christie, because I know I'll finish one of those :)

Michelle said...

I'd definately agree that The Road, Drowning Ruth and While I was Gone are definately books that you'd need to read whilst in the right mood. Good luck with Gilead!

trish said...

We're reading twins! As you know, I didn't like Out Stealing Horses, and I didn't like The Road (definitely a skip). SO! I'll take your recommendations any day.